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The village of Cappy

St Nicolas church classified as Historical Monument in 1913

The village is located along the Somme river, between Amiens on one side and Peronne on the other side.

The inhabitants are called Cappitois and Cappitoises.

The village was greatly destroyed during ww1, except for the bell tower of St Nicolas church. The village was then rebuilt during the interwar period.

Manfred Von Richthofen used to sleep in the château of Cappy. On the 21st April 1918, the Red Baron took off from Cappy for what would be his last flight,  since he was shot when flying.

To make things easier, the French army had set up a military railway. A part of it is still there today, it is the Froissy-Dompierre Railway.

La Cueillette de Cappy

La Cueillette de Cappy (picking fruits & vegetables) & the  big corn maze - rue de Bana 

The Little Train

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